AURA Swirl Away Pipe cleaner (16 oz)


Brand AURA

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Product Description

This AURA 16-oz Swirl Away will make a handy addition to your spa care gear. It features a unique blend of ingredients that will leave your system clean. It will clean away dirt and oil, so you can use you spa comfortably. The Swirl Away spa cleaner is available in a convenient 16-oz size, so you have plenty to work with. It contains chemicals that will effectively remove grime as needed. This hot tub swirl works optimally when used prior to draining your system so you can maintain your hydrotherapy experience just as you want. It is simple to store when not in use.

  • Details
      • Removes dirt, oil and other build-up in the plumbing lines that impede jet action
      • Use this product prior to draining the spa to maintain the ultimate hydrotherapy experience
      • Swirl Away spa cleaner capacity: 16 oz
  • Directions
      • Remove filter cartridge.
      • Pour 1/2 bottle into spa filled with hot water, run for 60 minutes without air on.
      • Drain tub and rinse with clean water.
      • Refill with new water.
      • Repeat this procedure every 2-3 months or as required.

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