Bunny Bedtime Game


Brand Peaceable Kingdom

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Product Description

A wonderful first board game for kids that's not just for bedtime created specifically for you and your two year old. Kids love taking turns while matching shapes and colors!

  • How to Play
      It's time for bed, Bunny! Players roll a chunky die and move Bunny on the game path. Along the way, players help Bunny make choices about her bedtime routine. Which bath toy will she play with? Which pajamas will she wear?
  • Play Value
      • Matching colors and shapes
      • Making choices
      • Puzzle problem-solving
      • Rolling a die and moving a mover
      • Listening
      • Social-emotional skills
  • Includes
      • 1 Game Board
      • 5 Wooden Puzzle Pieces
      • 1 Wooden Bunny Mover
      • Parent Guide
      • Instructions
  • Details
      • Product Dimensions: 12.6 x 7.5 x 2.3 inches
      • Manufacturer: Peaceable Kingdom
      • No Reading Required
      • Players: 2+
      • Ages: 2+

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