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Product Description

Plunge into a fast-paced undersea world where life is survival of the quickest. Identify the lowest creature in the food chain then slap it before other players scarf it down. Big fish chomp little fish and everyone chomps plankton. Watch out for the ink-squirting octopus and if you spot an electric eel, get ready for an all-out feeding frenzy! Collect all the cards and you'll be ruler of the deep blue sea!

  • Details
      • Cards each have pictures of various members of the aquatic food chain
      • Flip over a card from your deck and devour--or be devoured by--your opponent's draw
      • Octopus Ink-Outs and electric eels can change the order of things
      • Instructions include game variations
      • Reinforces: hand-eye coordination & Science
      • Manufacturer: Gamewright
      • Playing time: about 20 minutes
      • Number of Players: 2-5
      • Ages: 6+

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