HABA Kullerbu Jump into Car Dominos Set


Brand Haba

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Product Description

    Watch as the Bret Boomer jumps into the car and races off on the track. This set makes a great addition to an Kullerbu set.

    • Contents
        • 1 mechanics lift/ball drop section
        • 1 starting block
        • 1 curved ramp
        • 1 exit ramp
        • 1 column
        • 3 connectors
        • 1 red ball-convertible
        • 1 Bert Boomer
        • 5 dominoes
    • Details
        • This expandable track set is a great introduction to the Kullerbu Play World with lots of desents for ball Bert Boomer to speed down and "jump" right into his waiting convertible before plowing through the final ramp and crashing into the colorful dominoes. Can he knock them all down?
        • Insert, click, done – assembling a play world could hardly be easier. Nothing can easily shake the Kullerbü tracks – even when the overly eager little master track builder accidentally bumps into them. The ramps, straight tracks, and curves have a hole on their lower side, into which the pins of the connecting elements snap snugly into place.
        • Kullerbü is the perfect combination of wood and plastic parts and highlights the advantages of each material making this sturdy play system from HABA one that will last for your child's entire childhood - and beyond. Thanks to its large parts, which can’t be swallowed (ball Ø: 1 3/4 inches), they ensure playing fun for children from two years of age.
        • Awesome play effect with 2 exciting functions: balls hop jauntily into the convertible or use it without the vehicle as a ski jump.
        • Kullerbü is also attractive and exciting for older children because its elements can be combined with fantastic effects and cute illustrations. This stimulates creativity and imagination and encourages children to experiment. The spiral track set can be expanded upon with the Sim-Sala-Kling Set, Windmill Set, Magic Door Accessory, Connectors & Columns just to name a few. All sold separately.
        • Product Dimensions: 12.5 x 8.3 x 5.2 inches
        • Manufacturer: HABA
        • Ages: 2-8 Years

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