U.S. Divers Cozumel LX Mask & Snorkel Set- Navy/Grey


Brand U.S. Divers

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Product Description

The Cozumel LX Combo offers unparalleled comfort and features to get you closer to the amazing underwater world, making your ocean explorations truly memorable. The sporty Cozumel LX snorkeling mask has shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses with a soft TPR face skirt for a comfortable leak-free fit. The Island Dry snorkel features Dry Top technology that seals the snorkel when you dive down beneath the surface. Take the Cozumel LX Combo with you on your next snorkeling adventure.

  • Details
      • Shatter-Proof Lens
        • PC lens guards against debris and can withstand deep water pressure for enhanced durability.
      • Better Underwater Visibility
        • Anti-fog polycarbonate lens prevents the mask from misting up so you can see clearly
      • Watertight Fit
        • A soft and comfortable TPR skirt guarantees that no water leaks through the masks sides.
      • Adjustable Design
        • Easily adjust the fit using the 3-way pro-glide system
      • Submersible Snorkel-Top
        • Use the one-way purge-valve to easily clear any water from the mouth
      • Enhanced Comfort and Maneuverability
        • The full-flex section allows you to navigate the waters easily and drop away when not in use, so nothing gets in your way

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