Life in the Coral Reef Game


Brand Tactic USA

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Product Description

Take a trek to learn early skills like matching and perception. The game board is double-sided and assembled from pieces, with one side more detailed than the other. Put it together differently for each game to make it easy or more challenging. Be the first to point to the ocean animals that match your cards and earn an animal figurine reward, and win the game when you've collected five animals or two treasure chests. Quick-playing fun for younger ones. Ever-changing game boards each offer 2 sides: easy or challenging.

  • Details
      • Early learning and skill building
      • Look for the marine animals shown on the two cards and point them out at the same time! If you do it before the other players, you are rewarded with an animal figurine. Comes with a double-sided game board consisting of giant puzzle pieces which can be put together differently each game.with an animal figurine!Manufacturer: Tactic USA
      • Playing Time: 15 minutes
      • Players: 2-4
      • Ages: 4-7 years
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