U.S. Divers Diva II Mask & Snorkel Set


Brand U.S. Divers

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Product Description

The Diva LX Combo is designed with attractive colors for women. A soft, Silicone face skirt comfortably seals against the face for leak-free performance while the single-lens design opens up the wonders of the underwater world. Split straps and easy-to-adjust Pro Glide buckles keep your mask in place while minimizing hair tangles. The Island Dry snorkel features Dry Top technology that seals the snorkel when you dive down beneath the surface with a flex section that comfortably alleviates jaw fatigue.

  • Details
      • Watertight and Comfortable
        • The silicone skirt ensures there are no leaks for a fun and comfortable underwater exploration
      • Ultra Clear Visibility
        • single-window glass lens guarantees better visibility
      • Adjustable Fit
        • Three-way Pro-Glide buckles provide a secure and adjustable fit
      • Safety and Performance
        • A hypoallergenic mouthpiece has been designed to take the pressure off the jaws and reduce fatigue.
      • Purge-Valve for Convenience
        • If water gets into the snorkel, you can use the one-way purge-valve to drive them out
      • Easy Underwater Navigation
        • A full-flex section gives you an underwater navigation advantage, allowing for perfect positioning and easily drops out of the way when not in use

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