Angry Egg Pool Treatment (5 lb)

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Product Description

Angry Egg helps take the guesswork out of pool care. Simply dorp an Angry Egg in your pool and watch it work, when it is done it floats to the top to let you know. Why touch harsh nasty chemicals when you can just toss in an Angry Egg.

  • Product Dosage

      1 Egg per 15,000 gallons of water.

  • Directions
      Before using Angry Egg Pool Treatment, make sure the pool water chemistry is balanced and your pump is running. Remove plastic to expose holes. Lightly toss Angry Egg in deepest part of the pool. It will sink to pool floor and fizz for 5-10 minutes, then surface when its action is completed. Remove after all the cleaning action foam is gone. Drain any water in Angry Egg into the pool and recycle or discard empty contain in trash. Continue to run pump for at least 8 hours The Angry Egg formula starts working on contact with results between 12-24 hours. Once the cleaning action foam is gone and the Angry Egg has been drained and disposed of, the pool is ready to use.
  • Ingredients
      Potassium Peroxymonosulfate: 25.8%, Other Ingredients: 74.2%

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