Aqua Sphere P2K (Push-Pull-Kick)


Brand Aqua Sphere

The Aqua Sphere P2K Pull-Kick is unique because it combines the streamline design of a kickboard with the buoyant properties of a pull buoy to create a multi-purpose device. Used out in front of the body, the Pull-Kick acts as a compact, buoyant kickboard. When placed between the legs, the Aqua Sphere device contours to the legs and comfortably acts as a pull buoy. In fact, the device is so versatile that it can even be used as a resistance device during other types of water-based workouts. The P2K’s integrated design means that you can save precious space in your gear bag and won’t have to worry about constantly switching out gear while in the pool.

  • Versatile product can be used as a kickboard, pull buoy, or resistance trainer
  • Pull buoy provides flotation for isolated upper body swim training
  • Kickboard is easy to hold and strengthens the lower body
  • Designed for upper body pull and push resistance exercises
  • Manufacturer: Aqua Sphere