AquaChek TruTest Digital Test Strip Reader


Brand AquaChek

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Product Description

AquaChek's TruTest Digital Test Strip Reader gives pool owners the most accurate way to test the three critical components of pool chemistry: pH level, free chlorine or bromine, and total system alkalinity. Designed to work specifically with TruTest Test Strips only, this system vastly improves pool chemistry testing by providing an easy-to-read digital readout of test results, eliminating guesswork or color matching. TruTest's Digital Test Strip Reader gives you a highly-accurate measurement of these three critical components within one minute of test strip insertion, makes this the easiest and best testing system you will ever use.


  1. Press Power button ON.
  2. Press Start button and dip a strip into your pool water.
  3. Remove strip immediately and shake off excess water.
  4. Gently place the testing strip into the test slot (pad side down).
  5. Wait for results on the digital display (Do not hold onto test strip).

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