BigMouth Smarties Candy Pool Float


Brand BigMouth Inc.

Dive into pool time sweetness with a classic American favorite!

Since 1949, Smarties candies have been captivating generation after generation of taste-buds.

Now you can celebrate your passion for the taste with a giant Smarties Pool Float!

Measuring over five feet long, brilliantly colorful, and featuring the classic Smarties logo, this durable pool float combines a big splash of fun with exciting design and warm, fuzzy nostalgia all at once.

It's a blast from the past here to make a big splash of playtime fun!

Whether you're a child who loves candy (which is all children) or an adult looking to relive your own childhood, the Smarties Candy Pool Float will keep your sweet-toothed dreams afloat for hours.

  • Inflatable pool noodle designed like Smarties candy
  • Designed with bright colors, classic Smarties logo
  • Sparks a smile in swimmers of all ages
  • Detailed inflation and care instructions included
  • Vinyl repair kit and instructions included
  • High quality materials and construction for lasting durability
  • Wipe clean
  • Product Dimensions: Measures over 5 feet long - Easy to hold onto and float on
  • Manufacturer: BigMouth Inc.