Frisbee Freestyle 160g 10.54"


Brand Wham-O

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Product Description

The Classic Frisbee was first introduced to the world by Wham-O in 1958 and has become an American culture iconic toy with over 100 million Frisbees sold. Wham-O is also a leader in professional Frisbees. The World Class Freestyle weighs 160 and since its large it fly’s very straight, far and floats in the air to allow Free Style Pro’s and amateurs to perform at their best like no other Freestyle Frisbee will allow.

The Wham-O World Class Freestyle Frisbee is the signature model of 10X Freestyle FPA World Champion Dave Lewis, who uses the World Class for his famous Jellyroll and other moves. The World Class Freestyle Frisbee t 160g is specifically made for Freestyle with its smooth flight deck and polished flight plate; play like the pros with this amazing freestyle Frisbee. The Wham-O Freestyle disc has a special profile that creates longer spins and less friction; plus, its larger size allows the Frisbee to “float” slowly in the air for any freestyle move.

  • Details
      • Experience the spirit of freedom
      • Perfect for outdoor play
      • 10.54" diameter
      • 160g weight
      • Assorted Colors
      • Ages: 5+

      /!\ WARNING: Choking Hazard—Item contains small parts. Not for children under 3.


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