Guardian Bright Bay Pool & Tile Cleaner (32 oz.)


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Product Description

Scouring tiles with a pumice stone CAN TAKE HOURS and wear out your arm. Blasting calcium scale CAN COST $100's. Guardian Pool & Tile Cleaner - removes calcium scale & scum line around your swimming pool, spa, hot tub, etc. Treatment applied to scaled areas of swimming pool & hard surfaces. Just spray it about 1/wk on & leave it. Removes scale progressively each time applied. Reaction with scale will cause scale to turn bright white indicating reaction. Loosened particles will fall off over time. Number of applications depends on severity of scale. Once clean, tiles can be easily maintained with a period application.

  • Details
      • Get rid of your pumice stone! Remove calcium scale with less effort. Spray on scaled surfaces & let it do the work for you. Removes scale progressively (see photo sequence). Heavier scale will take more applications. Scoring thick scale surface can help product penetrate.
      • Regular application keeps surfaces free from scale. Also, removes scum line.
      • NON-CORROSIVE. Contains no harsh acid that can damage tile glaze, grout, & other surfaces.
      • Safer to use. Will not affect pool chemistry. Designed to Federal BioPreferred standards. Contains no phosphates, no brighteners. Ships w/spray trigger. NOT RECOMMENDED for use on porous surfaces like natural stone or cement tiles.
      • SEARCH GUARDIAN POOL & TILE for other quantities & options. MADE IN USA!

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