HABA Shakin Eggs


Brand Haba

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Product Description

Shake things up with our Shakin Eggs. Develop your child's musical abilities early with these brightly colored eggs that all make different noises. Most are shakin' but one of the five is twistin. Can you figure out which one it is?

  • Details
      • A toy that will be enjoyed long after the Easter Basket is put away! Each egg makes a different sound. Three eggs rattle, one jingles and one twitters.
      • The blue egg requires/teaches an extra motor skill (twisting!).
      • Little sound explorers discover the world around them and make music and tunes. They develop a feel for rhythm and train their speech in a playful manner.
      • This toy encourages color & shape recognition as well as auditory learning and sound differentiation.
      • Manufacturer: HABA
      • Ages: 2+

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