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A great game transcends language and culture. Such is the case with Imagine, which came to us from Japan via our French publishing partners, Cocktail Games. We’ve played many guessing games, but what stands out about this one is the collection of transparent icon cards that, when combined, allow you to convey your chosen subject without saying a word! After a couple of rounds, you’ll be amazed at your ability to communicate using the universal language of creativity. Take pictures of your most inspired visual clues and share them with us via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We’ll create an album of our favorites!

  • The Animated Guessing Game
  • Includes 265 cards and rules of play
  • 20 minutes playtime
  • For 3-8 players
  • Reinforces: Artistic Expression; Language & Vocabulary Development; Creativity & Imagination
  • Product Dimensions: 7 x 2 x 8 inches
  • Manufacturer: Gamewright
  • Ages: 12+

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