Jellycat Bashful Penguin


Brand Jellycat

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Product Description

It can get pretty quiet in the snow, so little Bashful Penguin likes to read. But since there are no bookshops in Antarctica, he has to write them himself! There’s Fantastic Mr Penguin, The Very Hungry Penguin...well, you get the idea. This soft penguin chick has gorgeous grey fur with a bonny white tuxedo tummy and silky beak and feet.

  • Details
      • Fluffy flippers and fireside tales!
      • Plush filling throughout
      • Surface Washable
      • Huge size is approximately 20 inches
      • Large size is approximately 14 inches
      • Medium size is approximately 12 inches
      • Small size is approximately 7 inches
      • Manufacturer: Jellycat
      • Ages: 1+

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