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Give your child a big boost of brilliance with this deluxe version of the Magnetic MightyMind!

The unique learning system of MightyMind is a longtime favorite of teachers and child development experts everywhere. That's because it's a cleverly straightforward and FUN way for kids to develop the essential skills they need.

It starts with the simple concept of combining two half circles to create one whole circle. As children work through each of the 30 puzzle cards, the challenges steadily become more and more complex.

At number 8 they'll be combining 3 diamonds to build a boat. At 11 they'll combine 4 different shapes to build a turtle. At 15 they'll combine 6 shapes to build a car.

The fun keeps going from a rooster to a dragon to a juggler to a great big train engine, strengthening your child's brain more and more along the way. Then, they're encouraged to start inventing their own designs.

You can actually see their intelligence growing with each puzzle they solve and each design they create!

It's a puzzle-solving adventure kids will love to explore all on their own. And with this deluxe version, doing so is so much easier.

Unlike the original Magnetic MightyMind, the Deluxe Magnetic MightMind comes with a special tin storage tray that's printed with each shape so you never lose track of the pieces.

Plus, it has a larger playing surface that's designed to accommodate the puzzle cards from your other favorite MightMind and SuperMind sets, so you can enjoy all the educational excitement in one place!

Give your young learner a practically perfect brain-building experience with the Deluxe Magnetic MightyMind set.

  • Details
      • Set of 32 proportional magnetic design tiles for completing 30 increasingly complex puzzles
      • Encourages fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, early math skills, creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, and more
      • Numbered puzzle system with each puzzle slightly more complex than the last
      • Complete each puzzle by combining the indicated shapes to build the image
      • Magnetic pieces are easy for kids to arrange, great for on-the-go
      • Features tin shape tray printed with all the shapes - Easy to keep shapes organized
      • Manufacturer: Leisure Learning
      • Ages: 3+

      /!\ WARNING: Choking Hazard—Item contains small parts. Not for children under 3.


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