School Zone First Grade Basics Workbook


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Product Description

Strengthen your child’s language and math skills with this fun new First Grade Basics Deluxe Edition workbook. Your first grader will discover vowel sounds, practice basic cause-and-effect skills, and learn about nouns. At the same time, first grade money worksheets and other first grade math worksheets like basic geometry and graphing will open the world of math to your child. Give your first grader a chance to learn from the world around them.

  • Details
      • Playful, full-color page format
      • 64 worksheets you can tear out and take with you
      • Multiple illustrations on every page
      • Letters written in clear, block-style
      • Pages of learning games and quizzes
      • Flexible, thick-coated cover
      • Clear instructions on every page
      • Table of contents inside front cover
      • “Great Job” award certificate included
      • Activities to share for parents inside back cover
      • Affordable learning
      • Publisher : School Zone
      • Language: English
      • Ages: 5-7

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