Squishable Mini Comfort Food Macaron 7"


Brand Squishables

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Oh, mon amour Mini Macaron, do you remember that night in Paris? We sat in the little bistro on the Left Bank gazing into each other's eyes until the wee hours! We strolled hand-in-hand through the Jardin du Luxembourg! We watched the sun rise over Notre Dame cathedral and promised to come back just once more in our lifetimes!

You don't remember that? Our entire relationship has been me comfortably resting my elbow on you while I try new ice cream flavors and binge-watch detective shows, you say? You may be right! But we'll always have Paris! By which I mean this big comfy chaise lounge! Oui!

  • 7 squishy inches of Squishy of Light!
  • polyester fiber
  • Manufacturer: Squishable
  • Ages: 3+

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