Squishable Key Lime Pie 10"


Brand Squishables

Florida! The Sunshine State! Home to delicious key lime trees galore, but very few cows! Back in the day when refrigeration was just a chilly, beautiful dream, this imbalance made for an interesting dichotomy! Without a ready bovine population, the only available milk came condensed in a can! Horrors! But instead of crying over a lack of milk to spill, Floridians looked on the bright side (hur hur) and invented a pie that uses both canned milk and key limes! It's tart and creamy! It's...well, it's just delicious!

This one isn't. It's made of fur.

  • 10 squishy inches (tip to crust) of condensed ingenuity!
  • Polyester Fiber
  • Manufacturer: Squishable
  • Ages: 3+