Squishable Mini Camel 7"


Brand Squishables

Camels have all manner of evolutionary upgrades keeping them happy when others cry out for air conditioning and lemonade! So what else could a cool camel possibly ask for out in that barren desert? Another S! As in dessert!

A Camel might be perfectly fine going days without water, but why must they spend weeks between servings of crème brûlée? The scorching sun probably makes a better crunchy caramel top than any kitchen torch! So bring this Camel home and don't worry too much about the summer heat. But do remember that ancient Bedouin saying: "It's not a proper oasis if it doesn't have a decent patisserie!"

  • 7 squishy inches of rock (candy) the casbah!
  • Polyester fiber
  • Manufacturer: Squishables
  • Ages: 3+