Squishable Mini Cheeky Hamster 7"


Brand Squishables

Wanna see a magic trick? Great!

Direct your attention to the nut seller over there. He's steaming mad because someone (or something) stole some of his nuts! Not a very nice thing to do to a humble nutmonger!

Now, watch as I pull the culprit, the very Hamster you see here, out of my hat! His cherubic cheeks are bulging with the pilfered nuts! Now look back - presto change-o! The nut seller has turned from chagrined to charmed, just by beholding the guilty party's adorable little mug! Magic, I say!

  • 7 squishy inches of a face you can't stay mad at
  • polyester fiber
  • Manufacturer: Squishable
  • Ages: 3+