TYR Nest Pro Nano Goggles


Brand TYR

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Product Description

Go fast or go home with the Nest Pro Nano Mirrored Goggle. Equipped with embedded anti-fog, these latex free goggles retain clarity without the need for traditional anti-fog spray application and re-application. The LGNSTN features a wide peripheral range for optimal sighting, as well as a more compact frame and gaskets to fit smaller faces and children.

Inspired by the unique nest-like architectural design of Beijing’s 2008 Olympic stadium, this goggle’s frame has a modern, grid-like effect, similar to the way a bird’s nest is intertwined for support. With a great backstory and even greater features, the Nest Pro Nano competition goggles are perfect for triathlons, open water and training.

  • Details
      • Wide Peripheral Range- Increased viewing range for optimal sighting
      • Embedded Anti-Fog- Integrated anti-fog treatment for long-lasting clarity
      • Unibody Nosebridge- Fixed nosebridge designed to comfortably accommodate various facial types
      • Double Strap Adjustments-Lowest profile, most streamlined strap choice seen primarily on racing goggles. Also available on training goggles designed towards open water competition.

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