TYR Wet/Dry Coalition Carryall Bag


Brand TYR

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Featuring high performance waterproof fabrication, the Wet/Dry Coalition Carryall utilizes sewn and bonded seems to prevent water from escaping or entering. Designed to keep valuables safe and dry, or to keep wet objects away from dry objects, the LDRYBAGL is a water enthusiasts dream. Roll down the top strip 3 or more times to securely close and buckle, and the Wet Dry Bag is ready for use.

  • Perfect for keeping suits, caps and goggles away from dry gear after workouts and meets, or protecting phones, keys and valuables when on the deck or at the water.
  • Dimensions: 14"H x 9"W (4 Liters)
  • Manufacturer: TYR

*Not intended to be submerged under water. Avoid contact with sharp objects to prevent puncturing. Double Bag electronics for even more protection.


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