U.S. Divers Island Dry Snorkel- Blue


Brand U.S. Divers

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Product Description

The Island Dry Snorkel has Pivot Dry Technology, Flex Tube, Silicone Mouthpiece, and Purge. The Snorkels Contoured Tube provides a Streamline Hydrodynamic Profile along the side of the Snorkelers Head. The Dry Technology closes the Snorkel Tube once below the water's surface and re-opens when you surface keeping the Tube Free-from-Water. If any small amounts of water enter the tube it is Easily-Cleared through the Purge Valve at the bottom of the Snorkel Mouthpiece. Snorkel is equipped with an Easy-to-Use Snorkel Keeper for attachment to the Mask.

  • Details
      • Submersible Dry-Top snorkel with Pivot-Dry Tech.
      • The patented Pivot Dry snorkel has a top that closes to seal out water when you go under water
      • Full flex section provides custom fit
      • One way purge valve keeps snorkel clear
      • Manufacturer: U.S. Divers

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