HABA Clutching Puzzle Animals by Number


Brand Haba

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Product Description

Toddlers can become acquainted with numbers 1 through 10 while working on their puzzling skills with this lovingly illustrated puzzle made from high quality plywood, and featuring easy to grasp knobs.
  • Details
      • 20 lovingly illustrated wood pieces with easy to grasp knobs
      • This clutching puzzle by HABA playfully trains the numbers 1 to 10 while fostering fine motor skills and shape and color recognition
      • Each number along the top of the puzzle corresponds to the matching number and color of a certain animal along the bottom. I..E. The green number 7 matches to 7 green frogs
      • Product Dimensions: 20.5" x 6.5"
      • Manufacturer: HABA
      • Ages: 2+

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